By Roland E. Williams

I opt reading your words again

Out of love, 

Not ignorance

Nor complexity

You wish to tell all your story

Yet refuse many

Means to understand

You teach us words greater than life

For this we hope, yet,

May let your voice die

Our voices find to whom they speak

Be they a few souls

Or the greater mass


By Roland E. Williams

You are the man

That is what you feel

But she is not your punching bag! 

She listens, yes

For the man has said

His piece, but she is not a piece!

She is quiet

The way you demand

Until she is silenced to death!

You spoke of love

That only you give

The lies never cease to exist! 

Now kneel you down

Receive this sentence

For it is the way of the Lord! 


By Roland E. Williams

From far this contraption has flown you and your emptiness

You exit to streets so new, yet they are the same old ones

The faces that had grown pale in your mind by your absence

Are once more defining their colors as they warm your heart

Now you recognize faces and places and lost kinships

Greetings multiply, leaving you with an abundant smile

Your emptiness fades, making way for this new sensation

That you are home again, at last


By Roland E. Williams

We were in the spring of our love, and ever so happy

The flames of our lust enveloped us still in ecstasy

Your smiles never failed to bring joy to my days, and my nights

Our deep love brought us each day to greater, and newer, heights

We were rebels who had been freed from life’s wicked bondage

Each with grand promises to never return to that cage

Except one created by the purest love, true and real

A commitment both of us were all too eager to seal

Then came life and, so too, worldly matters and daily hum

Against which even our love could do nothing but succumb

Our love no longer enslaved us, for it was unable

And you left; it was the first I had seen  snow in April

Birth of a dream

By Roland E. Williams

You stand before me, perfectly calm

Your eyes interlocked with mine

The gentlest smile embraces your lips

As I sit in awesome adoration

Your body completes my happiness

After hearing your beatific voice

And witnessing your suave elegance

Followed by the touch of your skin

As breathless an appearance you are

It is you who has given me breath

Borne to the promise of all this

Is this delightful dream I have of you


By Roland E. Williams

The signs were always there to see

But it was just not time for that

But when, indeed, the time had come

The blindfolds vanished one by one

The directions we were then shown

Were seemingly different ones

Just like many roads lead to Rome

Both of our roads lead to the one

We stand now, still so far apart

On the verge of pure happiness

Our endless love was long written

In the annals of history

What have I done

By Roland E. Williams

My heart can bear no more

It is a dying heart

It is falling apart

Cell for microscopic cell

Hurt for lasting hurt

Pain for unbearable pain

Tear for heartfelt tear

What have I done

How can I forget this

How can I forgive this

When have you last seen their joyful smiles?

When have you last heard their beating hearts?

When have you last felt their gentle touches?

When have you last gazed at their gleaming eyes?

When have you last learned what they have learned?

When have you last known what it is like to have them around?

A Profile of Love

By Roland E. Williams

She does not raise her hand to wipe her tear

She wants it there for there’s no reason to remove it.

It is the joy she has derived from all he is,

To her, he is, all that and so much more.

She has made him all this, if only she knew

She has made her heart feel this joy

And she has made her tears show this joy

She has made it possible to love him so deeply

She has made him love her so deeply

And her tears have made his tears

And her joy has made his joy

And her heart is witness to his

showing how much hers has given his.

She has received freely, that which she has given  freely

And she has given more than his share’s worth

And so shall receive now endlessly, on and on

Till forever has come and gone…

I Am Me

By Roland E. Williams

I am the burden of your soul

I am the weight around your ankles

I am the sorrow in your heart

I am the death of your phoenix

I am the doom of your innocence

I am the evil of your ways

I am the Nemesis of your straying

I am the vengeance of your spirit

I am me

A Story That Never Ends

By Roland E. Williams

The shyness of your laughter

The tenderness of your words

The contents of your heart

The fullness of your voice

The freshness of your thoughts

The sincerity of your advice

The eternity of your friendship

The boundlessness of your truth

The completeness of your honesty

The whisper of your friendliness

The embrace of your companionship

The serene respect of you forgiving

The pain of those moments we had

The joy when they were passed and gone

That contagious sound most heard!

The righteousness of a true friend

The firmness of your willingness

The question not answerable

About all that this says

That it is quite a bit

THAT it never is nor will be

‘tis the beginning of beginnings

Of this wonder of wonders

This muse of amazement

This goddess of inner beauty

This…story that never ends…

This saint who is you

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