Musical Royalty, The Royal Sounds


THE ROYAL SOUNDS, a UK band are considered a band of the future. The brothers have been working together for almost ten years and have acquired much exposure and experience within their field touring Europe, as backing singers and working as session musicians. They are currently working on an album project with Edmonton sing-J sensation Hannibal which is titled The Message and will be available later this year. The group has just finished producing an album called Tell Dem by Papa Jawal. THE ROYAL SOUNDS is spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist brothers Ajani and Gyasi, who produce, play and compose all  their music. On this album they credit Winston Reedy, Dr Dean I, Joy Mack, Ray Carless, Nereus Joseph, Kandake, Dennis Bovell, Frankie Paul, Errol Dunkley, African Head Charge, Pete Campbel, Gappy Ranks and more. Their aim is to spread roots music worldwide.

Royal Sounds – always bringing love with each royal performance.

The Royal Sounds – Press Kit

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