A LANDMARK PERIOD FOR ST. LUCIAN MUSIC ~ Sensational St. Lucian Ricky T Takes The World By Storm!


By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir


St. Lucia’s multiple Soca Monarch and Road March title holder Ricky T continues to be one of the most renown and high demand international artistes. He has amassed a startling total of seventeen crowns from the inception of his musical career. His latest and most successful track to date has been ‘Freaky Girls’ released in early 2016, propelling him toward greater heights, opening even more international doors for St. Lucian music, while setting the pace for other artistes from the paradise isle.

London’s Notting Hill Carnival 2016 was where it all began. The famous event was where the song first kicked off; OVERtaking radio stations in the United Kingdom by storm. Never before had such a phenomenal track been heard with such an exclusive mix of genres representative of a boullion of Caribbean, Pop and Rap music.  The Notting Hill event has become an annual feature carnival event in Europe, at which people of the Caribbean Diaspora ‘play mas’ like their Caribbean based counterparts. A number of other related events are usually hosted around the festival and  this year Ricky T was part of the line up amid the stream of hyped activities.


Ricky T and manager Courtney Louis (Curtey) making amazing strides on an international musical playing field. The two have long been making hit after hit, but the hit making has only just begun!


New York saw ‘Freaky Girls’ locking down Labor Day in grand St. Lucian style! The artiste was the only St. Lucian invited to perform on the Carnival Band Truck from Trinidad, one of the biggest bands on the road for the Labor Day Carnival Parade 2016. As if that weren’t enough, Hot 97 FM, the premier Hip Hop radio station in the United States operating in New York, featured the track as their Song of The Week – an amazing victory for Lucian Soca Music. Fresh on the heels of these milestone successes, an international music video was produced there and has since been released.

Ricky T’s glory continued with premier Hip Hop and R&B publication Vibe Magazine placing ‘Freaky Girls’ as one of the songs on the Carnival Starter Kit playlist for Labour Day Carnival 2016. The track has created history for St. Lucia by capturing the Road Song Title for Miami Carnival 2016. Beyond being the most requested track for the season in the city, fans could not wait to witness Ricky T’s ‘in the flesh’  performances at various venues there.

Social media was abuzz; Facebook and Instagram were heated with artistes of all musical genres, in addition to global fans hysterically posting and hashtagging all things related to the track. The Stratosphere Muzic Team is thrilled at their artiste’s musical achievements and intend to keep the momentum pumping hard. The ‘Tizzle’ as he is also known, is scheduled to make a number of appearances worldwide throughout the rest of 2016, well into the up-coming annum.

Branded as an ‘International Groovy Soca Fusion’ song, the track features US Based Rapper Eempey Slicker who continues to grow musically both in popularity and in terms of creating unique genre crossovers, all the while putting St. Lucia in the international lime light and rapidly growing a heavy fan following.

Check out the music video by subscribing to Stratosphere Muzic on YouTube and STAY IN THE KNOW to see what the Tizzle will be up to next. You can follow Ricky T on Instagram and check him out via his Facebook Page and his record label, Stratosphere Muzic.



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