Bon Jounen Kweyol 2016 St. Licie!!!

Bon Jounen Kweyol St. Licie!!!

Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) is celebrated in Saint Lucia on the last Sunday of October across the entire island and has been held annually ever since 1984. On the Sunday of this week, the various towns, villages or communities chosen to host this festival showcase the result of their grand preparations— local dishes and foods such as roast breadfruit, green fig and salt fish (the national dish of Saint Lucia), plantain, king fish, manicou (opossum), souse (a soup made with pork and often cucumber), fried bake and floats, accra (a fried dough which contains salt fish), paime (otherwise known as conkies) and a famous dish known as bouillon (fish, chicken or meat stewed with dasheen, yams, plantains, banana and dumplings). In addition, local drinks such as cocoa tea, golden apple juice, guava juice and more will be available at the islandwide events. Apart from the food, the festival is intertwined with kweyol (creole) music, some of which has been past down from many generations before. The most widely used instrument beside vocals are the Tambos (drums) which are beaten throughout as people speak in the creole language and have a festive time enjoying the celebrations. Locals observe this day decked in the island’s National Wear such as the Wob Dwiete and other creole influenced attired. Persons who do not want to wear the extreme layers of skirts and dresses make clothing out of special plaid material called Madras which is one of the cloths used in St. Lucia’s national wear. The celebration has since evolved from being celebrated in rural communities to communities islandwide.

The seven times British, seven times French governed island St. Lucia celebrates Jounen Kweyol festivities for her 32nd year.

2016 Media Release: Over the last few months preparations for St. Lucia’s biggest cultural festival have been underway. Under the direction of the Folk Research Centre (FRC), the most widely celebrated cultural event in St. Lucia, Jounen Kwéyòl, will take place on Sunday October 30th this year.

Barring any major natural disaster, the country will be celebrating Creole Heritage Month (CHM)/Jounen Kwéyòl for the thirty-second time.

The continuous celebration of the event which began in 1984 in Mon Repos was affected only once in 2010 with the passage of hurricane Tomas.

Jounen Kwéyol which is the brainchild of the Folk Research Centre is celebrated in recognition of Jounen Kwéyòl Entonnasyonal (International Creole Day) which is observed on October 28th of each year.

Jounen Kwéyòl aims to make the St. Lucian society aware of the strength and value of the Kwéyòl language and to assist in the understanding and development of its rich cultural resources.

From February this year the FRC made approaches to four communities for hosting CHM/ Jounen Kwéyòl. The policy of celebrating this major cultural event in the four cardinal points of the country guided the targeting of the four host communities.

There were other communities which expressed interest in hosting Jounen Kwéyòl, however owing to FRC’s attempts at ensuring that communities don’t monopolize the hosting of the event year by year, a new policy of targeting certain areas was adopted.

The FRC is adding a new feature this year whereby each host community will be highlighting a cultural area for which the community is famous.  These cultural areas comprise inter alia Agriculture, Fisheries, Craft and Music.

Details on these activities will be provided at a later date.   The launch of Creole Heritage Month/Jounen Kwéyòl 2016 will be held on Sunday September 25th at the FRC’s premises at Mount Pleasant.  This will take the form of a Mini Jounen Kwéyol and will be a whole-day affair.

FRC is pleased to announce the four host communities for Creole Heritage Month/Jounen Kwéyòl 2016 and they are:

  1. Gros Islet : in the North
  2. Choiseul : in the South-West
  3. Belle Vue : in the South-East
  4. Jacmel : in the West

(for further information contact Hilary La Force 4522279)







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