By Roland E. Williams



Spring sunrises promising budding affinities

New lives full of desires waiting to commence

Spring warmth flowing through our cold veins

Its passionate flavors welcomed by our love

Hopes outlining inner depths of ebullient feelings

All mere trinkets of Spring’s jubilant legacy



Summer’s Sun a median witness to our bliss

Snugly poised on a bright smile-filled noon

Emotions growing now to complete maturity

A sense of perpetual ease and longevity

Only surpassed by love’s combined fervor

All mere shadows of Summer’s manifestations



Summer’s verdant jacket cast off onto the ground

Once vibrant prattle overshadowed by glum silence

A time of redundant inner penitence for things done

Darkening hearts of only true loves outlive this

Where the strength of love’s embrace is discovered

All mere onlookers to an ever-expanding dusk



Winter sunsets lasting on seemingly forever

As we carefully parent each and every savored moment

Memories of life tall like Winter’s advancing shadows

‘T is Winter’s tale that relates of things not done

Rebuking them and making good any lost chances

All mere mortals in its almost immortal darkness










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