By Roland E. Williams


You were just another place with no face

Your only wish was for a warm embrace

There to give them freedom and space

Letting them bide their time in grace


Though they were never ready for your story

You are the one who cured their mystery

And in return they offered you more misery

Will anything be able to fix your quandary?


And this makes you wonder once again

If this isn’t how everything is to remain

Because you and yours are not the same

As all those others who brought you shame


They all made you their one and only master

Then just as your heart starts to beat faster

They leave you there, your heart in your hand

As they take off to some other promised land


You were just another shelter getting no better

Their rain of tears making your nights wetter

You know the next one that knocks can enter

And for a while the past will not seem to matter






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