By Roland E. Williams


I have been missed

Where I stood waiting

Fifteen minutes for a bus

By the ant who wallowed in my shade

Awakened by the early morning Sun


I should have been missed

In the pictures that you took

Of your jubilations

Not even knowing nor told

That those days had come and gone


I am who was missing

From wiping those tears

That you shed, you forgot

It was what I always did

But was now kept from doing


I am missed

By the bench on the beach

Where I sat so many hours

Until my eyes were dry –again-

And my head so sore


I am missed

By the book I held in my hands

As I read today’s fairy tale

Of weird creatures

And even stranger places


I am missed

By your memorable smiles

Put there by wise-crack jokes

Told to you every chance I got

While you kept begging for more


I am missing

True laughter

For, that, which is within me

Is filled with emptiness

And betrayal


I am missed

But not by you, I fear

Your hate has built a wall

Topped by barb-wired tongues

And dagger-sharp words




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