By Roland E. Williams


As if set on a goal I thought couldn’t happen anymore

Not now, not this lifetime, not that lucky

It must have shot me when I was totally unaware

But, true, it was a clear and accurate one

Piercing right through to the core

Did it not?


As if set on a goal I thought was not mine anymore

In the end, shall I or shall I not be that lucky

(One) I must have been the compatible one

The one you seem too to have been looking for

As I was looking for you and you did come

Did you not?


As if set on a goal I truly hope to consummate

Even though at times I feel much less lucky

Must I eschew loving you when I can think of nothing else

Nothing else can matter and matter it shall not

Except this, a brief moment of luck, a crossing of paths

Will it last or not?


Comparing you as Shakespeare did, to the darling buds

Of May and a fair summer’s day, I shall not, for it is beyond all that

It is plainly beyond any comparison I can think of

How well we fitted in each other’s arms, ahhh, I so long for that

Once more to be together as if hovering above the floor

Did we not?


Published by In The SpotLyght Global Feature Magazine

We are an Exclusive Global Feature Magazine dedicated to highlighting Corporate Trailblazers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Creators, Artists and Artistes within the Creative, Performing Arts & Entertainment, Music, Film, Design industries among others.

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