Mellow D Brown All Set for Higher Heights in 2021!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Dwayne Carlton Brown is fond of singing and possesses a deep-rooted passion for GOD. He enjoys ministering to people who have been downcast, broken, depressed and feel like no one cares. Mr. Brown is always keen to introduce Jesus to them through the music which he confesses is part of his make-up and has been a worship leader for over 26 years. Those who are truly familiar with Carlton would describe him as a walking ‘Powerhouse of Praise’!

“I pursue music because it’s my passion to be a professional gospel singer. I want to travel the world and minister to people globally,” he reveals. “Music has been a part of my family throughout the generations. Through the art form, I encourage myself and it gives me that urge to aim higher,” he concludes. 

Dwayne’s professional creative career officially kicked off and began bearing fruit in 2019, when he commenced work with The House of Flamz Productions & Xlusiv Soundz Music (H.O.F.) recording label. There, he was branded ‘Mellow D Brown’ by his manager Faye-Chantelle Mondesir (Empress Faye), she explains, “because ‘the name encapsulates the essence of who Carlton is and what he represents — sweet, sweet melodies sung by Mr. Dwayne Brown himself!”

Mellow D Brown (Musical Reign Riddim) – Signs Of The Times (Official Video)

His debut track production and release by the umbrella Global A & R, Management, Creative Arts, Entertainment, Production, Event, Promotion Company & Music Recording Label was ‘Signs of The Times’ which was a hit with his supporters, followed by ‘I Worship You’.

He later released yet another crowd favourite in honour of CREATOR’S  redemptive power entitled ‘Who’s Calling Me?’. The up-tempo rhythm created by his label producer Richard Glace (MackieMac) does justice to the song — allowing Dwayne to authentically express his appreciation for the saving power of Christ who has been calling him while lost in darkness he shares and also a world of confusion. Another global hit of M D Brown, also known as ‘MDB’, is ‘Renew My Mind’ which has been receiving tremendous international traction and positive feedback.

With four very solid hit originals created for his very first EP, the artiste couldn’t resist upping the anti and throwing in a bonus all-time-popular gospel Medley cover version performed by yours truly. This ‘Redemption 2K20’ album was launched by House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music (H.O.F.) in collaboration with Meditationz Media Network (MMN) on December 21st, 2020 at the Greater Works international Ministries located in Bisee, Castries.

Mellow D Brown – I Worship You

The historical and transformational album launch opening concert was subsequently distributed to international audiences and is currently available for viewing through House of Flamz’s very own Holistic Life Portal’s ‘Portal Virtual Event Cinema’ for global access via Pay-Per-View. Concert E-Tickets cost just US $50 with unlimited streaming privileges. The epic show can also be rented with 72-hour streaming access for US $5.

The ‘Portal Virtual Event Cinema’, brainchild of young businesswoman Faye-Chantelle Mondesir, is the very first of its kind — a contemporary, innovative virtual cinema which hosts strictly live events in a convenient, global home with the sole purpose of staging an endless variety of online events and performances filmed from key venues around the world. Thousands are poised to grace the Portal Big Screen and Virtual Stage in grand red-carpet style.

The digitally-accessible version of a walk-in cinema offers the provision of the all-too-familiar complete and dynamic cinema experience without ever having to lift a foot to go outside. While this modern, updated entertainment concept may seem sufficient in itself, The Holistic Life Portal’s cinema has the added value of being available to audiences from any country in the world.

While one of the key benefits delivered to its users and product and service consumers is the safety advantage of ‘attending the movies from home’, the viewing option of enjoying an exciting atmosphere by inviting a few favoured friends over is always a possibility — particularly in these times of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Just when people thought it couldn’t get better any than this, The Holistic Life Portal’s founder, who also happens to be the artiste’s manager — again lifted the 21st-century revolutionary virtual bar, adding even further value to the exclusive online entertainment zone by incorporating customisable food service (meals, beverages, munchies and more) for Portal Cinema viewers to enjoy by pre-order through their Virtual Restaurant Hub.

The Holistic Life Portal’s unconventional Digital Meal Ordering and Delivery Services are available for grab ‘n go meals catering to hardcore meat-lovers, vegetarians, vegans and also high-end cuisine to satisfy the food cravings of their V.I.P. viewers offered by some of the best culinary experts globally.

All consumer demographics are sure to be catered to in many more ways than one with meal, merchandise and shows ranging from general product and service offering to elite/ 5-star. Mellow D Brown Merchandise can be purchased at The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront and The H.O.F. General Store, while lovers of his music can pay to stream and download his songs in the H.O.F. Soundz Music Store.

The best food, drinks and entertainment is what most agree to be ‘The Ultimate 21st Century Experience’ available in one virtual, convenient space. Discover and explore more about the Portal Virtual Event Cinema and Portal Virtual Restaurant Hub in upcoming SpotLyght featured articles. For now, enjoy the first of Mellow D Brown’s series of events in celebration of this debut album, set to climax with yet another red-carpet virtual event — this time in a form of an album launch dinner party. This high-end event will feature, you guessed right — in The Portal Virtual Event Cinema! Stay tuned for the official event date to be announced via the H.O.F. Facebook page.

While Dwayne Brown is fond of his music, his goal is to ensure that it touches the innermost parts, particularly the soul and spirit of listeners, transforming their entire being. He is grateful to the Almighty for his craft — his label for helping him manifest his dream and musical goals, his family, friends for their encouragement and his appreciative supporters who consistently motivate him to continue utilising his divine gift for both the honour and glory of his Maker.

Check out ‘Who’s Calling Me’ official music video and expect an amazing and different follow-up extended album (LP) featuring a range of genres, impactful collaborations and deep, soul inspiration from the artiste.

Mellow D Brown ~ ‘Who’s Calling Me?’ (THE ANTHEM)

While Mellow D Brown’s musical inclination is old school, fusion and contemporary gospel, his vision also includes reaching the wider world through positive lyrics strategically infused into an array of trendsetting, versatile rhythms from a range of musical genres which both resonate with him and also people can relate to.

Mellow D Brown – Renew My Mind (Visualiser)

His music is available for streaming and download in H.O.F.’s ‘Soundz Music Store’ and hundreds of digital streaming platforms worldwide.

Artiste Info

Label: House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music (H.O.F.)

H.O.F. Artiste Name: Mellow D Brown

Performing Genres: Old School & Contemporary Gospel, 

Alternative Music, Rhythm & Blues, Slow Jams

Primary Genre: Contemporary Gospel             

📲 Management Contact for Bookings

For Bookings Contact Faye-Chantelle Mondesir (Empress Faye), C.E.O. & Managing Director for House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music (H.O.F.) and The Nu Vybz X-Perience.



Manager (Direct):

Call/ WhatsApp 

Business: 1 758 287 7000

Personal:  1 758 727 7196

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