Whoever said Purple was just a colour was wrong!

Kevin Walters also known as Purple was born in Alexandria in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica; the birthplace of legends like Bob Marley and Burning Spears, founders of sweet reggae music. Purple later relocated to Waterhouse, Kingston as an infant with his parents and his four other siblings. He is a man of manyContinue reading “Whoever said Purple was just a colour was wrong!”

Bryan Art

  Musical Visionary, Bryan Art, Makes another Imprint Feb 2013 When we hear the term love song we naturally think of a song expressing romance or like sentiments, leaving out songs of freedom, peace, motivation, hope, unity etc. which seek to caringly point people in positive directions. A classic example is the great reggae anthem,Continue reading “Bryan Art”

QShan Deya The Volcano Trumpet

  IN THE SPOTLYGHT FEATURE MAGAZINE PRESENTS… QSHAN DEYA! Kellis Quashie is a vocalist, musician, producer, arranger, songwriter and recording artiste. ‘Jah humble servant’ as he calls himself was born Kellis Quashie of Sugar Hill, Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines…. His professional career began in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York where he recordedContinue reading “QShan Deya The Volcano Trumpet”

In The Spotlight Feature Magazine Zone

What is In The Spotlyght Magazine’s Zone?… Well, it is the magazine’s ”HOTSPOT” which presents and keeps you regularly posted on the happenings here, the next new features, exciting events and everything else to look forward to… Never miss a thing!!!…Check in with us regularly for updates

In the SpotLyght ”Open Mic” Features…

  ”In the Spotlight”- The global feature hotspot…featuring talented performers/ creative minds, entertainers, designers and artisans globally. Contact us if you have someone you would like to ‘suggest’ to be featured here on our feature blog site. Meet your hostess!!!… Empress Faye Hostess for ”In the Spotlight”…presenting the features that mean the most, delivering withContinue reading “In the SpotLyght ”Open Mic” Features…”