Weekend Equation Solved

By Roland E. Williams You did You solved your weekend equations As you dressed to kill Readied to party Geared up for inebriation And now, too, you’ve solved all Yet there’s one unsolved The one you’ll find in due time When it is inevitable And while you were busy Solving all that And feeling merryContinue reading “Weekend Equation Solved”

There Was Joan of Ark and Then There’s ‘Joan Johnson’!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Meet the ‘Legendary’Joan Laurencin-Johnson — an iconic role model for several young, aspiring females sharing her creative interests. Prominently positioned among some of the most attractive St. Lucian women, it is no surprise why Joan’s tenure within the local fashion world was an extensive one. Her entrance into her first beauty pageantContinue reading “There Was Joan of Ark and Then There’s ‘Joan Johnson’!”

Spectacular Saxophonist & Singer Rashaad Joseph Makes Major Musical Moves!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Rashaad Joseph, an all-too-familiar title on both the Saint Lucian and international creative scene kick-started his music career at the St. Lucia School of Music as a preteen. He sampled various musical instruments until he stumbled upon the ‘sexy sax’ which he immediately passionately fell in love with. His instant fascination with,Continue reading “Spectacular Saxophonist & Singer Rashaad Joseph Makes Major Musical Moves!”

Mellow D Brown All Set for Higher Heights in 2021!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Dwayne Carlton Brown is fond of singing and possesses a deep-rooted passion for GOD. He enjoys ministering to people who have been downcast, broken, depressed and feel like no one cares. Mr. Brown is always keen to introduce Jesus to them through the music which he confesses is part of his make-upContinue reading “Mellow D Brown All Set for Higher Heights in 2021!”

Pandemic Triggers Benefits Double Take at US Businesses

On Jan. 1, 2020, the world welcomed the beginning of a new year with open arms. Little did we know of the challenges to come and the eagerness to leave 2020 in the dust. While what lies ahead in the coming year is just as unknown, some experts say a return to normal, whatever thatContinue reading “Pandemic Triggers Benefits Double Take at US Businesses”

Creating working environments for families to thrive

No one has escaped the effects of the pandemic, but working parents are struggling. Staring down a lack of childcare, new work-from-home situations, and insufficient support from employers or public resources, these individuals are nearing the end of their rope emotionally, and for many, financially. The start of the school year further complicates matters asContinue reading “Creating working environments for families to thrive”