Roland Williams

Roland E. Williams ~ Author

Roland E. Williams was born on Aruba but moved to Sint Maarten when he was nine years old. At the age of seventeen, he moved to The Netherlands where he studied and held a variety of professions. He has lived in Aruba, Sint Maarten, The Netherlands, and the Dominican Republic (twice), and currently lives on Sint Maarten.

Roland has worked in the IT field for over thirty years but has always been busy writing poetry and occasionally short stories.

In June of 2016 one of his poems, Each Season Given To Us, was published online at Leaves of Ink. It was the very first and only poem he had ever submitted. Since then he’s submitted more to others online.

In July of that same year, he published his first book online, Suddenly Death, a collection of 4 short stories. Shortly thereafter, in August, he took part in the anthology No Bounds, of which all proceeds are donated to a good cause.

Exactly two years later, Suddenly Death, was published in paperback form.

Roland has two more books coming out soon, Potpourri, a wide variety of poems, is due September 15th, and a month later a collection of love poems in Where Loved Dwelled.

Roland E. Williams ~ Magazine Columnist/ Writer & Independent Author


Check out his novels below!

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