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DAEMA is a boutique Arts, Entertainment & Modeling agency providing key services such as Event Planning, exclusive entertainment hosting and photography services. Dynamique Arts, Entertainment & Modeling Agency is unconventional and offers a variety of Arts, Entertainment & Modeling services to clients, so broadens the spectrum of opportunities and work available to our creatives, performers, entertainers and models. We offer highly sought after corporate and overseas gigs, with individual contract perks available to each creative and model based on their skill base, experience and tenure within their field, as well as expertise.

Each creative and model is unique  and individually regarded and our creatives and models reap the rewards of great exposure and fantastic business opportunities. DAEMA’s ultimate focus is to provide growth, benefits and opportunities to members.

Like traditional agencies, we recruit and represent dual-gender talent, ranging from ages 0 to 70 and simultaneously offer services based on a demand. Non-traditionally, our Specialty Agency Fashion and Modeling division offers plus-sized model services to our clients, models over 40, babies, children and ethnicly diverse models.

We have found this unconventional and diverse branch relevant to the agency. Our highly skilled hand picked models perfectly represent their unique brands to a ‘T’ as they are professionally trained to match cliients’ promotional and marketing needs.


Our Slogan – Em’bodying’ Confidence, Charisma, Class, Charm, Exclusivity, Intelligence, Passion and Radiating Sheer Magnificence.

Our services include event planning, a wide range of entertainment hosting services – provision of artistes, musicians, dancers and entertainers for functions and events, promotional adverts, runway modeling, business and company modeling, brand mascots, pin ups, poster and banner ads, media advertisement including television, radio and written publications including books, magazine, newspaper adverts, cover photos, product representation and feature models for company and organisational brands. We also offer professional photography services. Contact us below.